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Myka Stauffer’s Quotes About Adoption Journey, Relationship With Son Huxley Before Rehoming

Her story. Myka Stauffer obtained backlash in May 2020 while she revealed her decision to rehome her adopted son with autism, however she became obvious approximately the technique lengthy before the debate.

The YouTube superstar documented her journey on her channel, sharing details about the entirety from Huxley’s analysis to her desire to undertake greater kids. She seemed sincere and open about the ins and outs of the ordeal.

Stauffer and her husband, James Stauffer, announced in May 2020 that they gave Huxley to a “new mommy” in a “all the time home” 3 years after his adoption from China. “Once Huxley came home, there had been lots extra special needs that we weren’t privy to and that we have been now not advised. So during the last few years, Huxley has been in severa cures to attempt to assist him with all of his needs. Over the closing year has been the extra severe remedy to try and assist him as a whole lot as possible,” he defined in a YouTube video. “For us, it’s been truly tough hearing from the medical specialists. A lot of their comments [has been] clearly provoking for us, as it’s no longer what we ever wanted to hear. We by no means desired to be on this position, and we’ve been seeking to get his needs met and help him out as plenty as feasible.”

Myka, for her part, insisted the couple couldn't offer for his or her son. “There’s now not an oz of our frame that doesn’t love Huxley with all of our being. There wasn’t a minute that [we] didn’t try our toughest,” she stated. “And I think what Jim is trying to say is that when multiple assessments, after more than one opinions, severa scientific professionals have felt that he needed a exceptional in shape and that [with] his clinical needs, he wanted more.”

The net persona, who stocks four different kids along with her husband, delivered: “Do I sense like a failure as a mother? Like, 500 percent. … It’s now not approximately me in any respect, but … the remaining couple of months have been the toughest component I could’ve ever imagined.”

Scroll all the way down to revisit Myka’s quotes approximately the adoption procedure and Huxley.

Convincing James to Adopt

In a July 2016 YouTube video, Myka discovered that her husband become hesitant to undertake, noting that it “took him a long term” to agree. “It wasn’t right in his coronary heart, ?” she said. “It wasn’t something he became 100 percent equipped for.”

James, in the meantime, brought: “It’ll be fun. We’re type of loopy anyways, so it’ll be a a laugh journey that we will say that we did.”

The Power of Three

Myka shared in October 2016 that she wanted to undertake multiple infant. “If I may want to kind of paint my personal image, I might have 3 biological and 3 adopted, and we might kind of be accomplished, but I am leaving that within the Lord’s fingers,” she defined.

Myka admitted she become “maximum worried” approximately the transition after bringing her child home. “I hope that [my other children] don’t have a tough time,” she said. “I desire that they don’t undergo a time period wherein they’re like, you already know, now not positive if they’re getting sufficient of my interest. … Sharing my time and my interest and simply figuring out how the new dynamics are going to lay out due to the fact in order to be a little problematic. It’ll take a bit time to get the whole thing functioning nicely once more … and I just hope that it overall is going in reality, simply easy.”

 Medical Condition
Myka revealed in December 2016 that the couple intentionally chose to adopt a baby with a clinical situation. “We sort of knew that we have been gonna go down the special recognition path. We weren’t a hundred percentage certain,” she cited. “My husband to begin with, he wanted to move LID, which means that your kiddos don’t simply have an awful lot going on or it’s now not very substantial as a ways as medical care. … So what me and my husband did is we started speaking to physicians, we started having meetings, we started doing heaps of various matters so that we could without a doubt determine out which conditions, which structures within the frame we were secure with. … As an RN, I kind of knew that I might be fairly secure with pretty a few matters ‘cause I have visible so many specific conditions in my scope of practice, so my consolation degree may be very, very, very excessive. So, for instance, on the scientific checklist for all of the situations that kiddos should have, allow’s simply say there’s 100 conditions, me and my husband had been comfortable with 99 of the conditions, so we had been very, very open.”


“I stated, ‘What is his particular prognosis?’ And she informed me on the phone and my coronary heart simply stopped. It simply stopped, so difficult, and I felt crushed. I felt fear, I felt scared, and I turned into crushed,” Myka recalled. “However, she sent me the document, I spread out the document and I experience like all the worry that I had while she advised me at the cellphone, I experience find it irresistible all went away when I opened his report. I prayed right earlier than — after she type of advised me at the smartphone — I stated a prayer to the Lord and I stated, ‘Please, Lord, if you have any time, could you please give me a signal? I am so drawn to this little boy and I sense a calling to him. Could you please give me a signal?’ And I open up his record and the sign is there. It is loud and clear and it's far the first component in his document, and I couldn’t cease crying. Was I frightened of his diagnosis? Absolutely. And I’m nonetheless frightened of his analysis. But I don’t care. I suggest, that’s no longer gonna stop me. I realize he is my son and every day goes by way of I recognise he’s my son increasingly more.”

No Going Back

Myka declared in a January 2017 video that no diagnosis would separate her from Huxley. “If anything, my infant is not returnable,” she stated after a doctor discouraged her from adopting him. 

She mentioned the caution with James, however they determined “simply in our minds, we knew, regardless of what state he came to us, that we would like him.” She later shared their devotion to Huxley: “He’s our son and that’s that. We’re now not gonna change him in, we’re now not gonna return him, he’s our boy.”
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