12 Scenes Engraved In Minds From The Joker Movie

The Joker, who made the vision last year, has taken his place among cinema's cult works. With good script, good characters and a good crew, we've compiled scenes that will not be forgotten over the years, etched in minds from the last Joker movie that went out there.

The Joker was a huge success, with box office grosses of $ 1.074 billion, though it was a very different film than most people expected. Despite this success, it has also caused a lot of controversy. Because Heath Ledger is very different from the character of the joker identified with The Joker, and in fact, we watched a very disturbing Joker story. The dark tale of Arthur Fleck, who grapples with pain and loneliness, and Gotham City, which ignores him.

Joaquin Phoenix's spectacular performance brought a rather different and gritty look at his wildcard. The film, in which we trace how Arthur Fleck was the Joker, the spiritual and physical reasons for this process, we have more empathy with The Joker character with quite striking scenes and lines. Many anecdotes, scenes and events take place in the minds of this impressive story thanks to the engulfing nature of the film. So we've compiled the best scenes to save those who want to watch The Joker again.

|"Forgive my smile: I have a disease.’’

The discomfort caused by Arthur's smile in the Film is actually a pseudobulbar effect or PBA disease that exists. This discomfort causes people to be unable to control their laughter and suffer from excessive laughter. The character of Arthur Fleck also sees how the discomfort in question causes people to become estranged and lonely.

On the card The Joker gives to people who are uncomfortable with his smile, which he can't control, he says, ’Forgive my smile: I have a disease..’’ writing. On the back of the card is " a disease that causes sudden, constant and uncontrollable laughter that doesn't fit the mood at the time. It's seen in people with brain damage or certain neurological diseases.’ so in fact, Arthur is really suffering from torture, both physically and spiritually, and it hurts a lot.

|’Is it just me, or is it the world getting its nails done?’’

In Batman movies, we often see Gotham City as corrupt and crippled. In Arthur's story, we see Gotham in a much worse state and the brutality of the people. The effects of the city on Arthur are quite effective in making him The Joker.

In the beginning of the film, Arthur, who is beaten by a group of punks, begins his conversation with the psychologist with this sentence. In fact, this scene is a summary of the film in which we watch how things get out of control in the sequel.

|’You're not listening, are you?’’

Being ignored and paid attention is the strongest theme in the Joker movie. Arthur is a man in distress and in need of help. People don't see it, they don't listen to it, they don't care.

In one of his conversations with the psychologist, Arthur talks about something, while the psychologist interrupts him with another subject. Arthur criticizes the psychologist by saying: "You're not listening, are you? You ask the same questions every week? How's your job? Are you having negative thoughts? All I think about is negative thoughts, but you still don't listen." In the sequel, we see what Arthur can do to get Gotham City and people's attention.

|"People started to notice’

After killing three people on the subway, Arthur feels like he has acquired a new purpose and experiences the joy of being noticed. He also appears to inspire this action to other desperate and outcast people in the city. In one of his interviews with the psychologist, he says that no one noticed him until yesterday, but now people are starting to notice him.

In the film, his neighbor Sophia, with whom he has an emotional relationship, said of the news in the newspaper that they saw him walking down the street, ’I think it's a hero who does it.’ der. Immediately afterwards, a man in a clown mask passes by in a taxi. Arthur is about to become a symbol of a revolution beyond recognition.

|The Joker's scrapbook: sentences that show the past he forgot never passes:

The jokes and doodles contained in Arthur's diary are actually like a journey through the Joker's mind. The reason he hasn't achieved his dream of becoming a comedian is because Arthur's disturbing sense of humour is quite different from other people's.

In almost every frame we see in Arthur's Diary, we see this sentence. It's an idea he's always circling around. This sentence, which expresses how unhappy he is with his situation and life, also shows his belief that he is part of a much greater purpose.

|’I've never been happy for a minute in my worthless life.’'

Despite all the problems Arthur has experienced, he tries to be what people want him to be. It aims to be a little handsome, to make people laugh, to establish proper social relationships. However, both psychological problems and PBA disease caused by these issues are quite unsuccessful.

He makes a confession while talking to his mother at the hospital. The Joker is a clown who has never been happy, even though he's been laughing all his life and his only goal is to make people laugh.

|"I used to think my life was a tragedy...’

As much as Arthur wants to bring joy to the world and people, people don't want it from him. This is another aspect of the tragedy of Arthur's life. Although he struggles to maintain this positive outlook, it becomes quite difficult when dealing with the problems heaped upon him.

I used to believe that my life was a tragedy, but now I know it was just a simple comedy, " Arthur says in the sequel to the scene in the hospital, just before he killed his mother.’’

|’Your Name Is Arthur, right?’’

Despite everything going badly in his life, Arthur meets Sophie. As with everything else, Arthur, who has failed in this regard, breaks into Sophie's house when he begins to lose control with his increasing madness. While sitting in the lounge, Sophie comes and asks this question. "What are you doing here? You're in the wrong apartment. Your Name Is Arthur, right?’’

Although the line seems not to be very effective, we understand that the only happy relationship Arthur is in is in his head, and that he is living in a dream world of his own.

|"Don't you think it's beautiful?’’

D.C. The Joker we know from his universe is a complete anarchist, but in this film, Arthur creates a very different villain image. Although he is in fact a bitter and lonely man, he inspires the desperate and outcast people of Gotham through his own acts of violence.

He happily asks the police this question when he sees the chaos and destruction he caused while driving in a police vehicle while under arrest after becoming a symbol of revolution. Arthur is proud of what he has caused and created.

|"The worst thing about mental illness...’

The Joker film is a production that hits our faces with the impact of mental health and people's reactions to this situation. Although Arthur has a serious mental illness, people ignore him and don't care. A scribble in his diary is particularly noteworthy: "the worst thing about having mental illness is that people expect you to act as if you don't exist."

|"Would you introduce me as The Joker?’’

While Arthur waits backstage to appear on Murray Franklin's show, Franklin arrives. He asks Franklin to introduce Arthur to the audience as The Joker. This name, used to refer to the character's fraudulent nature in the comics, takes on a different meaning with Arthur choosing the insult inflicted on him in the film as the title. Excluded and not accepted by humans for not being normal, Arthur renounces trying to actually be normal by accepting this title and makes peace with what he is.

|"You'll get what you deserve!’’

When Arthur is invited to the show by Murray Franklin, who makes fun of him, he accepts this both to get the attention of the community by being announced as The Joker and to hold society accountable for what it is.

The studio becomes increasingly nervous after he explains in the program that he killed three people on the subway. When Murray wants to silence Arthur, Arthur makes one last joke: "What do you get when you confront a lonely man who is mentally ill with a society that treats him like garbage and excludes him? That's what I'll tell you. You'll get what you deserve!" after that last joke, Arthur pulls out his gun and shoots Murray Franklin in the face.

We've come to the end of our list of Joker's mind-boggling scenes and lyrics. If you have another line or scene engraved on your mind, we would appreciate if you would share it with us by writing a comment.
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