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A Group Of Researchers Claimed They Performed Quantum Irradiation With Electrons

Scientists have claimed to have achieved quantum teleportation, which could be called being able to move matter through space-time by converting it into energy, another form of matter itself, according to a new study.

'Teleportation,' which we've all been familiar with for years from various science fiction films or books, seems likely to soon become part of our present and future. Quantum teleportation, based on the famous physicist and scientist Albert Einstein's theorem, which allows bodies to hold on to each other even if they are not in a physical environment, has been achieved according to some scientists 'claims, but this teleportation has been achieved more in the transfer of' information ' than in the actual irradiation of matter.

According to previous research by scientists, massless bodies and 'photons', which are the basic matter of light in general, can form quantum bits by entangling with each other. In this context, scientists say that the quantum bits generated by these photons can transmit information through teleportation, but new research now suggests that the same process can be carried out using electrons instead of photons.

|Said quantum teleportation can be carried out by electrons:

The new research being carried out is the first to succeed in forming quantum bits with electrons. John Nichol, of the University of Rochester, said: "We were able to displace this entanglement using the quantum teleportation gate method by creating a 'entanglement' between two electrons even though bodies are not in contact with each other in the physical environment. Our research shows that this process can now be done without the need for photons," he said.

With the new research, the ability of electrons to form without being present in the same physical environment opens the door to new possibilities in the development of quantum computers, because the semiconductors in quantum computers use electrons for information transfer. John Nichol explains this by saying, "individual electrons can interact very harmoniously with each other, so they can seamlessly form quantum bits that are compatible with quantum computers," but still quantum information transfer over very long distances is a major obstacle for scientists. To overcome this barrier, research and development of quantum bits created by electrons plays an important role.
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