Batman Drawing From Legendary Comic Book Artist Who Received A $ 10k Offer

Jim Lee, the legendary comic book artist and DC Comics ' Creative Director, has now drawn Ben Affleck's Batman as part of a drawing campaign he launched to help people affected by the Coronavirus outbreak. As usual, the poster auctioned on eBay has received bids of more than $ 10k.

Legendary illustration artist Jim Lee, publisher and Creative Director of DC Comics, had promised to finish 60 drawings in 60 days to support people affected by the coronavirus epidemic in the United States and to donate the proceeds from the posters to those who had financial difficulties during this difficult time.

In the 47th Ring of the series, The South Korean comic book artist, whose primary goal is to help comic book shops that are closed under quarantine measures and unable to do business, drew the armored costume that Ben Affleck wore in the 2016 film Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice.

|Legendary comic book artist Jim Lee, who promised 60 drawings in 60 days, continued his campaign with Batman

The maximum bid for the “ARMORED BATMAN” poster, auctioned on the online retail site eBay, has already exceeded the $ 10k threshold. The offer for a drawing by Walt Simonson, another famous comic book artist, recently painted Thor has reached 15 thousand dollars. The proceeds from the poster will also go to comic book shops.

Lee, who, as always, produced a tremendous masterpiece with his extraordinary drawing ability, said he used watercolor, traditional pen and ink in the drawing. The campaign will end in 13 days, the legendary comics artist said, “If you're an art collector who wants to participate in fundraising entertainment, these are the final drawings.”

|Bids for Jim Lee and Walt Simonson's drawings have exceeded $ 10k and $ 15k, respectively

The proceeds from the eBay auction will go to comic book shops that were in financial difficulty during the pandemic through the nonprofit NGO Binc Foundation, Lee said, urging anyone with the possibility to support the campaign.

Some legendary artists of the comic book world, such as Frank Miller, Bill Sienkiewicz and Walt Simonson, have organized various fundraising campaigns for the same purpose, Lee said, adding that he was very happy to see everyone taking action to do something.
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