Facebook To Warn Users Who Share ' Old ' News

Facebook has begun showing users a new alert notification. Notice to users that the article they are sharing is out of date, thus confirming the accuracy of the information.

With the spread of smartphone and internet usage, we have access to every information within seconds. However, this situation brought with it some problems. For example, the accuracy of all information disseminated on the internet is not certain, and the accuracy of the information is often not questioned. In this case, fake news or old news can be served as new. Facebook, which has long struggled with the spread of misinformation, has now released a new feature to curb the spread of 'old' news.

When users want to share an old news or article more than 90 days earlier, they will be faced with a new pop-up notification, according to statements by Facebook. Facebook will let the user know how old the post in question is and ask if they want to share it. If the user wishes, the notification screen will give consent and be shared.

|This is what Facebook's new notification screen looks like

Facebook said they had reached the conclusion that the topicality of an article was important for accurate news. With this step, users will be able to access up-to-date articles and share more accurate information, company officials say. Time will tell how efficient Facebook's new notification screen will be.

Facebook has taken significant steps to curb the spread of fake news, particularly in the wake of the Coronavirus outbreak. Moreover, Facebook has done this work not only in-house, but in other social media apps it owns. For example, Facebook-owned Instagram has a notification screen similar to Facebook's.
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