Steam, Summer Discounts 3. Collapsed Across The Globe On The Day

3 of the summer discounts expected every year. entering its day, Steam is currently experiencing a major worldwide problem. Steam users say they are unable to log into the platform.
Steam, the giant gaming platform, recently opened the season of “Steam Summer Discounts”, which is expected every year and offers discounts for thousands of games to its users. The discounts were now commonplace Steam discounts in the eyes of many players, but still allowed millions of players to have new games.

Steam had caused an intensity on the platform again, as it does every year in the minutes when Summer Discounts began. Steam was slow to run for a limited time, as millions of requests to Steam servers could not be processed at the same time. However, at the moment there is a problem on the platform, the source of which is unknown.

It Affects The Whole World

Steam users sharing on Twitter and many other platforms have begun to state that they cannot access the platform. This intensity on Steam affected not only the users in a particular location, but also the users of Steam around the world, according to DownDetector's map.

According to the map included in the DownDetector, the intensity was seen especially on the continents of Asia and Europe.
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