TikTok Explained How It Provides Different Broadcast Streams To Each User

TikTok prepares pages specifically for each user and makes videos that attract their attention. The ability of the application to do this is to make great use of user preferences and information. By blending this information, the company manages to provide its users with the perfect TikTok experience.

TikTok, which has become popular in a short time, is doing some work to provide its millions of users with a unique social media experience. The majority of these studies enable TikTok users to become more connected to the application. In order to achieve this, TikTok combines the information it receives from users with the content of the application and prepares a special page for them. Let's take a closer look at TikTok's work.

Normally, popular videos come out on top when TikTok is launched, but if you log in to TikTok, other videos will come out in front of you. According to what the videos are selected in the TikTok close stream section or the suggestion system behind the videos that appear in the 'For You' section owes all their success to the information given by the users.

|TikTok considers users ' preferences:

As with other social media platforms, TikTok uses information entered into the application by users for its own benefit. Although this China-based application uses this information to set up country and language settings, this information does not have a very large role in the recommendation system. The information in question is only used to some extent. However, user preferences play an important role.

It takes into account the videos that each user likes, shares, marks, and the type of video they prefer. In addition, the user can send the message 'I'm not interested' to the application by long pressing the dislike-style videos to take the TikTok experience to the top. TikTok explained in a blog post that videos posted by accounts with more followers are more available to users.

When a new user joins the application, categories such as food, pets, travel are shown to users and they are asked to select those who are interested. TikTok, who at first did not know what users liked, then updated the algorithm with the information he received. However, the app also ensures that it does not see the same content twice. Thanks to all of these systems, TikTok manages to connect them to the application by providing the user with a flawless application experience.
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