Twitter's’ Voice Tweet ' Feature Has Been Showered With Criticism For A Justifiable Reason

Twitter's voice tweet feature, released recently to be tested with a number of users, has been heavily criticized for a justifiable reason. The new feature has sparked the idea that people who have difficulty hearing or can't hear are not considered by Twitter.

Social media giant Twitter recently released a feature that can only be tested by a limited number of users. Thanks to Twitter's new feature, users have begun to be able to share voice recordings as tweets. The feature, which is scheduled to be available to all users on Twitter soon, is currently only available to a limited number of iOS users.

The new voice tweet feature, which is expected to turn Twitter into a more useful platform, has also sparked different controversies today. While many people say the new feature can be quite useful, some users have rightly reacted to Twitter's new feature and Twitter.

|Twitter doesn't care about a certain segment:

The most critical aspect of Twitter's new feature was its accessibility, i.e. which users it appeals to and which users it can be used by. Many names on Twitter have described the new feature the company is developing as one that excludes people who have difficulty hearing or can't hear.

As you know, media such as YouTube and Facebook allow sharing of audio content only, although not entirely audio files, but on these platforms, such content can be added explanatory elements such as subtitles. Thus, people who have difficulty hearing or who cannot hear can understand what is said in these contents without any problems.

An interesting fact about this feature also emerged in conversations between Twitter and reacting users. A user named Andrew Hayward said the team that provided Twitter's accessibility was not an official team, but a team of volunteers.

After all this talk, a statement was shared from Twitter's official support account, Twitter Support. The shared tweets said it was a mistake to start trying out Twitter's new feature before it was made suitable for people who cannot use it because of any obstacles. The company added that they would develop the feature.
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