Valorant Special Game Tricks (Hacks)

How is Valorant made for those who want to do special game tricks? we're answering his question. In this way, you will do the trick you want in the special matches you created. We also answer questions that players may or may not ask with this topic. If you have an unanswered and curious question, you can write it as a comment below.

How To Perform Valorant Custom Game Tricks

Valorant special game cheats are not formed by codes that can be written to the console within the game. When creating a custom game, you must activate the” tricks " option and enter a match.

In the special game where the cheats are active, press ESC and click on the “tricks” text on the top right of the screen. Just select the tricks you want to activate. Then you can use these tricks in the game.

How To Create A Valorant Custom Game

To create a Valorant Custom Game, Click on the play button on the main screen of the game.

On the screen, click on the Custom Game tab. Then you can set up your special game here.

Select the map you want to play, cheat usage, and game mode and say start the game.

Activate Cheating In Valorant Ozül Game

Before starting the custom game created by performing the above operations, you should click on “tricks: off” and change it to “tricks: on”.

Then you can use the tricks by logging into the game by applying the operations described in the beginning.

Our guide to Valorant special game tricks will continue to evolve. You can comment on what you want to add or what questions you want to ask.
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