Whale Sharks ' Entire Body, Including Pupils, Was Discovered To Be Covered With Teeth

A new study by scientists on whale sharks has revealed new information about the biggest fish that fear the Blues. The study found that whale sharks had dermal teeth in the Jul body, not pupils.
This species is harmless to humans, although whale sharks, which are the largest body-bearing member of the Sharks family and also the largest fish of the seas, reach up to 10 metres in length.

The new study on whale sharks has revealed that the eyes of the largest fish in the seas are covered with teeth. Scientists have explained that the teeth found in whale sharks are technically ‘dermal teeth’.

These teeth, called Dermal teeth, actually have a structure very similar to the scales of fish. In fact, according to scientists, the rough, sandpaper-like skins of whale sharks are actually made up of dermal teeth.

Dermal teeth, also found in Sharks ' skins, help reduce friction in the water. Thanks to the effect of the Dermal teeth, sharks are able to swim in the water extremely quickly.

Although they have dermal teeth all over their bodies, it is quite surprising that whale sharks have dermal teeth in their eyeball, even in their direct pupils. Scientists from the Churashima Research Center in Okinawa, Japan, who made the discovery, explained that this structure is a previously unknown eye protection mechanism in vertebrates.

Scientists have also said that the dermal teeth found in the eyeball of whale sharks are different from those found in the skin of sharks. The dermal teeth found in the eyeball mainly provide wear resistance.

According to scientists, whale sharks do not have eyelid. However, the dermal teeth on the eyes, the eyeball is pulled into the eye socket and can be protected through the teeth.

The scientists who carried out the study think this newly discovered structure is most likely unique only to whale sharks. However, there is a need for new work to be done in this area.
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