What does asymptomatic and Presemptomatic COVID-19 mean?

Coronavirus cases are often referred to as asymptomatic and presemptomatic cases. So what exactly do these two concepts mean? What effect do these two concepts have on the rapid spread of the virus? The WHO recently made a statement to clarify these issues.

One of the biggest reasons why coronavirus spreads so quickly and does not pose a major risk is that people who do not show symptoms of the disease but are carriers and who unknowingly infect too many people. It is not possible to detect these individuals who do not show symptoms and they continue to spread the disease naturally. Individuals who tested positive for coronavirus but did not show any symptoms are referred to as asymptomatic cases. However, these individuals also begin to show signs of disease in the process of advancing, putting them in a different class.

At this point, a presemptomatic case definition is introduced. In fact, at first glance we can simply explain this definition as ‘individuals who have not yet shown any symptoms’. But it's not that simple because if individuals who are actually thought to be asymptomatic start to show signs of the disease in the process, it puts them in the presemptomatic case Group. The key is that the patient's test came back positive.

|Cases without symptoms play critical role in spreading the disease

More than 80% of coronavirus cases went undetected, according to a study by epidemiologists at Columbia University. In other words, they carried the disease without any symptoms and continued to spread. This ratio shows how asymptomatic and presemptomatic cases play an important role in the spread of the epidemic.

The covid-19 outbreak is yet to end, and experts say the second wave has begun in many countries. South Korea recently announced that predictions that the second wave would begin in the fall-winter months were incorrect and that the wave had started earlier than expected. This has created a sense that the measures being loosened around the world could soon be re-increased. In our country, an increase in the number of cases has been observed in recent days and Health Minister Fahrettin Koca and Science Board officials are constantly making statements that we should not leave the measure out of hand.

We must not stop taking individual measures to prevent the outbreak from affecting large populations again, and remember that even if we do not show any symptoms, we are likely to spread the disease. A great responsibility falls on each individual and it is vital to observe the rules of social distance with the use of masks.
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