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Chris Evans: I Miss Captain America Role Already

Chris Evans, who said during an interview that he had enjoyed his time with Marvel and had already missed the role of Captain America, hinted that he was not considering returning to the role, however, and asked fans to respect his decision.

Not only did the Marvel Cinematic Universe move superheroes stuck in the pages to the white screen with the possibilities of modern cinema, it also helped many actors add notoriety to their portrayal of superheroes. One of the names Marvel made a favorite actor of millions was Chris Evans.

Evans made his debut with Captain America: The First Avenger in 2011, and Robert Downey Jr. bid farewell to his role as Iron Man in Avengers: Endgame after a long 8-year adventure. and as Scarlett Johansson bids farewell to the future Marvel Universe, she has retired from her role as Captain America.

Although Chris Evans has quit his role as Captain America, it's no big wonder who the new Captain America will be. Many Marvel fans had stated that they did not want to see another face in the wake of Evans as Captain America for a long time. And Evans is already making no secret of his yearning to be Captain America.

Chris Evans, who recently gave an interview, stated that he definitely enjoyed his time with Marvel, while expressing that he already misses the role of Captain America. Evans, however, expressed his hunger for new projects to be free to pursue, and said that fans hoping to return to his role as Captain America should respect his decision.
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