Flat Earthers React To Lack Of Stars In Earth Photo Shared By Astronaut

The absence of stars in an Earth photo shared by NASA astronaut Doug Hurley drew the reaction of Flat Earthers. Conspiracy theorists, who show no stars in the photo as evidence that the photo was a photoshop product, have claimed that NASA is lying.

Doug Hurley, who is continuing his mission on the International Space Station as a NASA-bound astronaut, shared a new photo via his Twitter account. The photo, which Hurley shared with the statement “I never tire of watching this view on nights in orbit,” featured a unique view of the world taken from the ISS.

The photo offered a unique sight for space enthusiasts, while also leaving an open door for conspiracy theorists. No stars appeared in the photo Hurley shared, and flat-Earth theorists pointed out from this detail that the photo was in fact a photoshop product, and Hurley lied to his followers.

Reactions to the tweet, which received over 45 thousand likes and 550 responses, were generally positive. And yet there were some crazy voices. When we click on the responses to the tweet, there's a “Where are the stars?” (Where are the stars?) we see that he has a question. As we go down, we can see more answers about the lack of stars and the fact that the photo is actually a photoshop product.

Where are the stars, anyway?

Because our eyes are advanced biological systems, we can easily see some bright stars even in light conditions at night. Cameras, however, are much more primitive systems when it comes to ‘imaging’ than our eyes. Therefore, when a bright object enters the frame at night, your cameras cannot view the stars.
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