Viral Video Of An Eagle Gliding Through The Air Hunting A Puppy Shark

Footage of a fish eagle carrying it through the air after it hunted the fish, which was purported to be a juvenile shark, has gone viral on Twitter. The Video has surpassed 15 million views in a short period of time.

With the spread of smartphones and social media platforms reaching hundreds of millions, the ‘interesting’ moments that take place anywhere in the world can easily go viral on social media. A video shared on a Twitter account called Tracking Sharks was so rare that it quickly surpassed 15 million views.

In the video shared by Tracking sharks, a fish eagle (Osprey), which has a wingspan of about 1.8 metres, is seen carrying a fish in its mouth. 17 in Myrtle Beach, South Carolina, USA. the video, taken from the floor, shows once again that even hunters in the Wild can become prey.

A photo of the fish eagle, whose wingspan is 1 metre 80 centimetres

Some of the people who watched the video claim that the fish in question was a puppy shark, which was shared from an account called Tracking Sharks, an indication of how high the odds are. Some say the fish is a giant Atlantic Spanish mackerel. Since we don't know the fate of the fish, we'll never be able to verify that information.

Video of fish eagle carrying a puppy shark

We've seen how ruthless natural predators are before in some viral videos. For example, in our viraz video here, we saw a mouse captured at home and released into the new world to be killed, being hunted by a bird within seconds of being freed.
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