BMW Receives a Joystick-Like Steering Patent for Autonomous Vehicles

Accelerating autonomous vehicle work, BMW has received an interesting steering patent for level 4 autonomous vehicles. The steering wheel BMW thinks of for future cars is more like a joystick than a bagel.

When it comes to level 5 autonomous vehicles, drivers won't need any steering. Because artificial intelligence will have the ability to manage the vehicle alone from the beginning to the end of the road.

However, we still have quite a long time ahead for the tier 5 autonomous vehicles. Fully autonomous vehicles have many years to go through legal regulations, to be considered reliable by drivers and to be widely used.

However, we can say that the date when the 4th level autonomous vehicles will appear is closer. Although level 4 autonomous vehicles will take control over 90 percent of the journey, the driver will also need to take over from time to time.

Therefore, we can say that the biggest difference between 4th level autonomous vehicles and 5th level autonomous vehicles will be the steering wheel. However, since we will not need the steering wheel as much as today's vehicles in level 4 vehicles, it is possible to encounter different designs.

German automotive giant BMW has received a new steering wheel (!) Patent for tier 4 autonomous vehicles. The design, which looks more like a double-headed 'joystick' lever, reveals a more minimal design, as the need for the steering wheel will be reduced in level 4 autonomous vehicles.

As far as we understand from the design, the design in question will require to grip the 'steering wheel' with both hands. The control buttons on the sides and above will allow the control of equipment such as gears, headlights and wipers during manual driving. However, as we mentioned at the beginning of our news, we have a long time to meet with level 4 autonomous vehicles, and BMW has been able to produce different designs until then.
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