What are PUBG Erangel Steamers? Where to Ride?

Here you will find important information about PUBG Erangel Ferries. Where to get on these newly added ferries? and what is We answered frequently asked questions such as. Thanks to the Erangel Steamers, which will be added to the PUBG Game with the 8.3 patch update, you will be able to catch enemies by surprise. The future of such an innovation was not quite predictable when considering what the docks added to the map would do before. PUBG Erangel Steamers will change the balance in the game. You will be able to use it to avoid opponents ambushing on the bridge and infiltrate without them noticing.

What are PUBG Erangel Steamers?

PUBG Erangel Ferries, 4 ferries that will provide sea transportation between South Erangel and Sosnovka Island have been added to the game. In this way, players will have an alternative instead of a bridge to cross.

In this case, players who ambush the bridge will also need to watch the dock where the ship is standing. Players who went early and were ambushed on the bridge could dominate other players who tried to cross the bridge. But thanks to PUBG Erangel Ferries, a balance of competition will be achieved.

  • Four ferries were added to Erangel.
  • Ferries cannot be used in Custom Matches, Ranked Mode, or Esports Mode.

Where to Take the PUBG Erangel Ferry? and Where Does It Leave From?

Where to Ride the PUBG Erangel Ferry? and Where Does It Leave From? questions are among the first questions that come to mind of the players. We want to give priority to these questions. It is very important to know the exact place and time of departure of the ferries, even if it will provide sea traffic between South Erangel and Sosnovka Island. Otherwise you may be hit by other players while searching for them.

  • Ferries allow players to board and travel on two different routes between mainland Erangel and Sosnovka Island
  • There are two Ferries on each route
  • All Ferries will leave the berth with the first stage of the Blue Zone.
  • When the ferries arrive at a dock, they will anchor and wait approximately 20 seconds before sailing back to their destination.
  • The ferries sound the horn 7 seconds before arrival and departure. Hop on the ferry!

You can comment your questions about PUBG Erangel Ferries. We will continue to convey developments on the subject.
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