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What is PUBG Disruptor Bag? and What Does It Do? Asking too many questions about new items such as. We have prepared a guidebook on the new item. In this guide, we answer all questions about the PUBG Distorter Bag that will be added to the game with the 8.3 patch. At the same time, we will share with you the new task that has been added to the game so that the new items are learned and noticed by the players. What Does PUBG Distorter Bag Do? By learning the answers to questions such as early, you can adapt to the game faster after the 8.3 patch update.

What is PUBG Disruptor Bag?

The PUBG Distortion Bag will be very useful for players who are stuck in the blue zone in the early, mid and late stages of the game. Using the features of this bag correctly, the surviving players will be able to fight for the first place.

Special costumes are being prepared for the Frequency Disruptor Bag, which is expected to be added to the PUBG Mobile game. The balance of the game will change thanks to the new bag, which seems to have a great place in the game.

What Does PUBG Distorter Bag Do?

What Does the PUBG Distorting Bag Do? Is the first question that comes to mind for every player who hears that such an item will be added to the game. Loading the item into such a highly competitive survival game is closely related to every player.

When players with the PUBG Distortion Bag stay in the blue zone and start to get damaged, the bag's feature allows it to act as a level 3 bag for a while, reducing the rate of damage for players.

  • The Distorting Bag uses its energy to temporarily prevent players from receiving damage from the Blue Zone.
  • A new energy bar for the Distortion Bag will be displayed on the screen after you start using it.

  • When all the energy is used up, the Distortion Bag will only function like a normal backpack and will not provide any protection against the Blue Zone.
  • The more damage the Blue Zone deals, the faster the energy will drain.

  • Available as rare world loot in Regular and Special Matches, in Karakin and Sanhok.
  • Appears on Booty Trucks in Sanhok.

Of course, the effect of the Frequency Distortion Bag will not work in every blue zone, it disappears after a while after it starts taking damage. But when you are in such a bad situation, you will find that it will be very useful for you.

We will continue to answer the curious questions about the PUBG Frequency Disruptor Bag.

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