Why is PUBG Mobile Banned? 2020 Breaking News

Why is PUBG Mobile Banned

Why is PUBG Mobile Banned? question became one of the most curious among the players. The mobile version of the famous survival game was banned in 2020. According to the news published on NDTV Channel, PUBG Mobile India server with 33 million players was banned by the decision of the Indian state.

Why is PUBG Mobile Banned?

After India banned the world's most popular survival game, question marks began to appear in players' minds. Why is PUBG Mobile Banned? The question is asked to understand whether the game will be banned in our country.

Why is PUBG Mobile Banned? 2020

Tencent Games, the developer of the PUBG Mobile game, was banned for political reasons due to the fact that it is a CHINA company. Now, a lot of money is being made due to the popular mobile games and applications appealing to millions of people. They impose barriers to access to popular apps and games in order to impose sanctions on each other after possible conflicts in states.

Mobile games PUBG prohibition of India, in Turkey before Twitter, we can say that an event similar to the prohibition of popular applications such as Wikipedia.
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