5 Reasons Your Website Is Running Slowly and Ways to Fix It - 2020

 No one likes a slow website. The slow-running website is frustrating and sometimes infuriating. Site visitors aren't interested in why a website runs slowly. They click on a link and wait for that page to open. If the page takes longer than 3 seconds to open, they press back, which is a good chance. When faced with a page that does not open, the proportion of people who do not press back and close the site is too high to be underscored.

But we at Orange Digital Solutions focus on how to fix it. In the case of a slow-running website, we want you to know that this issue is not solvable. The first thing you need to understand is why your website might be running slow. If you don't know the problem, you can't solve it!

Website Is Running Slowly

Based on our many years of experience, we have found 6 common reasons for your website to run slowly. Better yet, we'll tell you how to solve these things.

1. Poor performance of the server computer

Poor server performance is the number one culprit for a slow website. Poor performance leads to slower response time, resulting in a slow loading time. This is the responsibility of your hosting company.

Slow Loading Websites (And How to Fix It)

When it comes to hosting, you should work with a quality hosting company for the website to run fast. The hosting company is your host who hosts your site. When you choose a cheap hosting company, know that hundreds of sites share the same server with you. Sharing server resources with hundreds of other websites slows your site down quickly.

Don't make small accounts when choosing a web hosting company. Select someone you know won't share a server with.

Website Is Running Slowly

2. Location of the server

Let's say your server is in America and a person in Australia wants to visit your website. When they click on your site, a message will be sent to your server asking them to upload content. Because of the long distance (think of it as a phone call), it takes more time for the information to travel.

When an Australian visitor clicks on your website, you have to wait for the information to go to your server, that is, to america, request access, and then return to Australia to upload your website to their computer. Of course, there are fiberoptic cables between continents. However, a cable comes out of your computer and is not directly connected to the server computer in America.

To determine if your server is in the most convenient location, it's important to know where your traffic is coming from. You can move your server as needed to accommodate the traffic you receive. Doing so will increase the speed of your website. So if your site visitors are from all over the world, of course America will be normal for you. However, if all of your visitors are in Turkey, having your website server in Turkey will increase your speed.

3. Website Traffic

Increasing your site's traffic, i.e. your number of visitors, will naturally bring a slowdown. The higher your website traffic, the more likely it is to slow down. Your server tries its best to manage all requests, but it slows down somewhere, eventually slowing down trying to make up for the whole site.

Updating your hosting company, improving content distribution, and streamlining the design of your site are changes that can help increase site speed while experiencing high traffic.

4. Images you use on your website

High-quality images are a must for an impressive website.People are creatures that care about visuals, and if the images are impressive, they usually stay on a page or buy that product. However, adding images to your website without optimizing them can slow down site speed.

Images you use on your website

5. Outdated CMS

Update, update and update! If you're using a popular CMS like WordPress, Joomla, Wix, Squarespace, or Drupal, you'll need to stay up to date. These platforms continuously organize their software to keep your website running at full capacity. If you see a pop-up window asking you to make an update, do it now. Having the latest versions of any software and add-ons will lead to faster installation times.

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