Award-winning Twitch Release Begins: Scotraj

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Award-winning Twitch Release Begins: Scotraj

We know you've shown a lot of interest in award-winning Twitch Publications. Our followers will be distributed awards by Aziz Kerem "Scotraj" Ay. Gifts will be distributed exclusively to Cyber Star followers through many games in each broadcast. Especially players who play very popular games in our country such as League of Legends, Valorant and PUBG Mobile will be able to enjoy cruising and benefit from the rewards.

Win Scotraj Watch Awards

With Scotraj playing League of Legends, Valorant and PUBG Mobile games live on Twitch, you can win many prizes. As it is still a new broadcaster, its draws with low audiences allow everyone who participates to win. You can already earn rewards by booking your place.

Win Scotraj Watch Awards

Up-to-date information about the publication will continue to be added. To take advantage of the rewards, you can watch the live stream and ask the broadcaster Scotraj your questions live via chat.

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