CS GO Bunny Acceleration Code 2020

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CS GO Bunny Acceleration Code 2020

You can get the most detailed information on how to make the CS GO Bunny acceleration code from this content that we have prepared for our valued readers. 

When playing Counter Strike Global Offensive, our character's not going as fast as we expected can get on our nerves. As a matter of fact, thanks to a fast-moving character, it can easily enter both the conflict area; And we can get out of danger.

The vast majority of CS GO players may not know whether to speed up the character. Now, we can list the steps you need to take to speed up your character;

CS GO Bunny Acceleration Code

In the introduction to the content, we gave you the good news that you can speed up your character. Now, on the list of things you need to apply;

  • Open the game console by pressing the key at the bottom of the ESC key. 
  • To enter such codes, i.e. cheats, first type the code "sv_cheat 1" on the console. After this process, the game will become open to tricks.
  • Then, you need to enter sv_autobunnyhopping code "1" on the phone.
  • After this process, your character will start moving faster than before. 
  • If you believe that the CS GO bunny acceleration code is not working, type "sv_restart 1" in the game console sv_autobunnyhopping enter code 1 again. 

Most of the time, sv_autobunnyhopping 1 code works the first time around; If you don't get the efficiency you want, you can type sv_restart 1 to enter it again.

What does the CS GO Bunny Acceleration Code do?

If you think your character is going slower and moving slower than it should be, you can enter this code. This will allow you to move faster and aim faster.

Without forgetting, you can't use the CS GO bunny acceleration code in competition matches. You can only use it in matches you organize with your friends.

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