CS GO Loss Problem Solution 2020 - CS GO Loss Fix

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CS GO Loss Problem Solution 2020

The CS GO loss problem is one of the most common problems that CS GO players experience, The CS GO loss problem may be caused by the player's computer or internet, or it may be game-related, The CS GO misfortune issue might be brought about by the player's PC or web, or it could be down related.


This problem, also known as the CS GO packet loss problem, can be a major nuisance for an online game. 

The player experiencing loss problems can see high ping values. For this reason, the player may enter the game lag or the player may fall out of the game. In the case of loss, which has a high ping value, the player must first check their hardware. Causes of the problem:

  • Distance to internet source
  • Internet resource failure
  • Quota issue
  • Computer model
  • Can. 

Although the player does not see high ping values, he or she has up to 40% loss problems, which is likely to lag into the game if it causes a certain choke value. In this case the problem is caused by the player not the game.

CS GO Packet Loss Problem Solutions

If the packet loss issue is player-based, the player must do an internet speed test. Using wired internet will be the solution if it doesn't get the speed it needs.

The game-based CS GO loss problem can be solved by createing an autoexec file and writing the required server codes in it. The codes the player must write to the autoexec file are as follows:

  • cl_interp 0
  • cl_interp_ratio 1
  • rate 128000
  • cl_updaterate 128
  • cl_cmdrate 128

These codes don't always work 100%, but they often do. This is how the server or player-induced loss issue will be resolved. 

If there is no problem with your hardware and your problem has not been resolved even though you have completed the autoexec file, we recommend contacting support at this address.

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