Discord Black Screen Problem - How To Fix Discord Black Screen Error

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Discord Black Screen Problem

Discord is no longer used with Covid-19. Nowadays discord application has worked very greatly when people are closed to the house with many features.

Discord, which is used by a very large audience from the teacher who provides education to its students to the community of players who play computer games together, can sometimes make mistakes like any program. If you want, let's examine the Discord black screen issue in depth in our article, but we must say now that the Discord black screen problem is not necessarily caused by Discord.

What is discord Black Screen Problem?

Discord black screen issue is not a situation that will come to you when using the application for general purposes. To experience this situation, you must have a live stream or screen sharing with a contact or multiple people. The Discord black screen problem, which you may receive during a live broadcast in Discord, is usually caused by simple reasons and is very simple to solve.

What is discord Black Screen Problem

First, this may be due to your internet. When buying an internet package, people get it by looking directly at their download speed. Creators, on the other hand, look at more loading speeds. I'm keeping the possibility that your Internet connection may have been severed, but it's already a very common mistake. Then nothing will work properly. Another problem may be that discord is not authorized to open a live stream. You can grant Discord all the necessary permissions from the Windows Apps section.

Discord Black Broadcast and Sharing Problem Solution

A high upload speed may be required to broadcast live. You need at least 5 mb of upload speed based on the resolution you give the broadcast. 5 mb is the speed required for minimum requirements. My advice is discord you may need to get an internet package with a loading speed of 10 mb to avoid black screen problems. Unplug your modem and plug it back in a minute later to disconnect your Internet connection.

Discord Black Broadcast and Sharing Problem Solution

Also remember to turn your computer off and on after the modem, discord servers may be down if they don't work. I advise you to wait. You can discord.com Discord with the browser by entering your Discord account with the website, but if the servers are down, it won't work, and if it works, the Discord app you have installed is broken. In such a case, restore the application by deleting it.

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