Discord Bots Most Popular Bots 2020

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Discord Bots Most Popular Bots 2020

Discord is resolutely moving on, adding not to his reputation. Discort boots also make this unique app even more enjoyable.

Discord, which you can use while playing games or chatting with friends, functions as a kind of teleconference. Let's call it an Internet-based teleconference service.

Discord, which was only used to play games before 2020, was used in many areas after 2020 as it increased the effect of globally effective corona virus pandemia.

We've listed for you the most popular bots you can use while chatting with friends on Discord. 

Most Popular Discort Boots

Discort bots are generally known to everyone to use to play music through scripts. However, this is not the only action that bots within the application can do.

With the help of bots in the application, you can take equal action. Among them are boats that follow orders and open music; Google people, too.

There are even Discort boots to help you hunt Pokemon while chatting with friends. Here are a few of those boots;

  • MEE6: With MEE6, you can only open any song you want via command while chatting with friends. Or it's quite possible to search Google via command. You can also record your conversations in the room simultaneously via MEE6.
  • Pokecord: If you want to play and spend time talking to friends in Discord, the Pokecord boat is for you. Fight Pokemon battles with your friends with this bot!
  • MC-AT: The Turkish-origin MC-AT is a famous bot for blocking all kinds of profanity-slang and bad word-words in the room. If you don't want unpleasant moments in the room, the MC-AT will look like medicine to you.
  • Invite Manager: There's no bot on bulk servers that will do better than Invite Manager to see who's calling how many people into the room.
  • Cafe: To play discord games, load the Cafe boat in a haste. The café is kind of like Discord's Play Store. When chatting with friends, you can play some very enjoyable games.

How to Set Up Discort Boots

After we talk about the most popular bots in Discord, let's talk about how to set them up.

Follow these steps so you can build dozens of enjoyable in-app bots;

  • Enter the application's Web site.
  • After entering Discord's web address, find top.gg.
  • Top.gg can add any bot you want via the menu.
  • Then select Invite to add this bot to the server.
  • After you have completed the invitation process to the server, select and authorize which server you want to add the bot to.
  • You can enter your latest server and check if the bot is running by typing its commands.

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