Football Players' Removal Packages Are Being Lifted in FIFA Games

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 The "loot box" football removal packages contained in games such as IFA can be completely lifted. The European Union will announce its decision soon. The Dutch Gambling Authority, FUT, which is involved in the FIFA game, says the Footballer Landing Packages are gambling. Ea, the developer of the game, will be fined a huge fine.

FIFA FUT Packages Count as Gambling

FIFA FUT Packs will now be seen as gambling. The Dutch Gambling Authority, which made the decision, fined €500,000. Does the IFA, which has this system that violates gambling rules, indeed gain unfair profits from its players? We look forward to the announcements from the EA Front and the updates it will make on this subject.

Almost every game today has this kind of system in it. Soon the direction of the gaming industry may change. Just as this will harm gaming companies, game companies will continue to be loaded on to players. We'll keep you going.

Is Fut Getting Up in The Fifa Games? Football Players' Packs Lifted in Fifa Games

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