GTA 5 Market Locations And Safes Amount stakes 2020

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GTA 5 Market Locations

GTA 5 market locations where there is no clear information on the Internet because of the cash crisis players are going after jobs as soon as they become.

Where are the GTA 5 convenience stores and where's the highest-paid grocery heist?

Here's the answer to where the markets with the most money in their safe are located.

GTA 5 Market Types

It is worth noted that the markets in the game have a lot of features. You can buy one of the 24/7 markets for investment and get income on a weekly income. 

Also, if you need cash that needs to be cleared immediately, it is quite possible to rob the 24/7 market on the busiest street of the game or the markets in the gas stations. 

They don't just have 24/7 markets in the game. For variety, you can also browse supermarket chains and on-site convenience stores at the gas station. 

Now, let's list where the GTA 5 marketplaces are...

Where are GTA 5 Marketplaces?

If you've searched grocery stores to meet an instant evolving need in GTA 5, you may not find them right away. 

As a matter of fact, we said that there is no comprehensive content on the Internet. We've listed GTA 5 marketplaces for you;

  • Supermarket-Location: Senora Free Way, Mount Chiliad - This shop has two safes and each safe has $950.
  • Limited LT Gasoline-Location: Grapeseed, Main Street - This shop has two safes and both cases have $500.
  • 24/7 Supermarket-Location: Niland Avenue, Sandy Shores - This shop also has two safes, and the total money you'll get is around $200. It might be a good advantage if the cops are late.
  • 24/7 Supermarket-Location: Senora Free Way, Grand Senora Desert- This shop has two safes and a total of $600.
  • Scoops Liquor Banrn-Location: Route 68, Grand Senora Desert- There's only one safe at this gas station and the total money is around $350.

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