How to Buy Tinder Blue Tic - Easiest Method 2020-2021

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How to Buy Tinder Blue Tic we answer the question in detail. If you want an approved account, come and find out how. Tinder, as it is known, is the world's largest dating app. If people like each other, you get a match, and you text that person and you go on a date. To see if you're compatible with each other. The Tinder blue click feature makes your account appear as a secure account. The Tinder blue click feature also gives the other side confidence. Blue Tick logic works with the same logic in Instagram and makes you socially prominent. That's why it's so important.

What is Tinder Blue Tick?

The new Photo Verification feature is now the only method for authentication. Photo Verification allows you to verify your profile by submitting selfies for review. This blue click, which you can get through photo verification, actually confirms the credibility of your account to people. I mean, sometimes people open fake accounts. Running the Tinder app with facial recognition and getting a blue click means you're who you are.

How to Buy Tinder Blue Tic

First, we download Firefox for our transactions and go into Firefox. FireFox is a browser like chorem. You'll need to download it for the operation. We then install the Location Guard add-on and continue saying Options as shown below and entering into our add-on settings. We set it to Default Level: Use fixed location as shown in the image. And then we call it Fixed Location from the left menu. Then we write Galway in the search section and choose from the bottom as in the image.

We go to the Tinder website and log in. And that's where we get into our profile. The part I showed you with the arrow must have come out. We continue by clicking. He wants us to take a selfie for blue tics and id confirmation. We keep saying move on. After the camera grants us permission, etc., he wants two selfies for approval, and the selfies are taken in the ways he's indicated. We continue by saying Send for Review and the process is complete. Blue Tik will be approved within an average of one week.

Can Tinder Blue Tik Be Purchased in Turkey?

There are ways to get a Tinder Blue Click. This can be done in Turkey. I assume you understand why this blue click is so important. What effect it has on the people you're trying to match. You can only think from there.


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