How to Exit PUBG Mobile Guest Account

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How to Exit PUBG Mobile Guest Account

We tell you the steps you need to take to exit pubg mobile guest account. This allows you to leave the guest account and log into your own account. Following recent updates, PUBG Mobile players are having difficulties getting out of the Guest Account. Even players with their own accounts can't switch to the accounts they've used so far because of guest accounts. We're going to eliminate this problem.

PUBG Mobile Guest Account Exit

PUBG Mobile Guest Account Exit will let you log back into your own account. Otherwise, guests will not be awarded graded matches, have special items such as costumes, and earn prizes. However, you can continue your game from where you left off after logging back into your own account by following the PUBG Mobile Guest Exit steps.

PUBG Mobile Guest Account Exit

How to Delete PUBG Mobile Guest Login on this topic before? we had created a content called It's actually a different version of the same problem again.

PUBG Mobile Guest Account Exit

You will need to complete the steps to exit pubg mobile guest account. Otherwise, you will continue to stand in the guest account. You can send us any questions you want to ask about the subject as a comment.

  • Come to the account profile in the game,
  • Follow what you want so you can sign in from there,
  • This allows you to sign in to your old account.

A more detailed video on the subject is being prepared. In the video, we'll be telling you how to perform pubg mobile guest exit.

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