How to Resolve The Windows 10 'Disk Usage 100% ' Issue

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How to Resolve The Windows 10 'Disk Usage 100% ' Issue

Disk usage, which has been a fearful dream of Windows 10 users lately, can be multiple causes of a 100% error. You can get rid of this problem with this article where we compile all the causes and solutions step by step.

The "disk usage 100% " error, which causes the computer to slow down and hang, stands out as a problem that most Windows 10 users face. The 100% error in disk usage, which significantly reduces the quality of your time at the computer, can actually be solved by very simple methods. If the disk usage 100% error is not resolved, it significantly exhausts your computer.

If you spend long periods of time at the computer, even doing very simple operations, and you are having freezes and hangs even in the cross-tab switch, the main source of the problem may be a 100% error in disk usage.

How to resolve a 100% disk usage problem in a task manager

  • Method #1: Restart your system.
  • Method #2: Make sure your version of Windows is up to date.
  • Method #3: Check for malware.
  • Method #4: Disable Windows search.
  • Method #5: Turn off Superfetch, i.e. fast-fetish.
  • Method #6: Set energy options to high performance.
  • Method #7: Temporarily turn off your antivirus software.
  • Method #8: Reset virtual memory.
  • Method #9: Run disk checking.

Method #1: Restart your system.

How to resolve a 100% disk usage problem in a task manager

It is one of the simplest and classic methods. Most problems may not reseed if you restart your system. To resolve the disk usage 100% issue, you should also restart your system to see if the problem continues before switching to other methods.

Method #2: Make sure your version of Windows is up to date

  • Step #1: Open the Start menu.
  • Step #2: Enter it on the Settings tab.
  • Step #3: Enter Windows Update in the Update and security section.

Up-to-date drivers are always very important for computers. With improvements brought on by updates, disk usage 100% error can be resolved on its own.

Method #3: Check for malware.

Your computer may be infected with a virus that increases disk usage. If there's a virus program you're using, it's already caught it, but you may not have sent you a notification or you may have missed it. Assuming that antivirus programs do not always work stablely, we recommend that you scan for viruses at regular intervals.

Method #4: Disable Windows search:

  • Step #1: Right-click the Start menu and click Command Prompt (Administrator).
  • Step #2: Type the net.exe stop "windows search" command in the Command Prompt window that opens after you confirm from the window that will appear, and then press enter.
  • This will allow you to temporarily turn off Windows search. (Continued steps are to completely turn off Windows search.)
  • Step #3: Open the Run window with the combination of Windows key + R.
  • Step #4: In the Run window, type "services.msc", and then click OK.
  • Step #5: In the pop-up window, find the Windows Search title, and then right-click on this feature to select properties and disable it.

In Windows 8, there was a 100% problem with disk usage due to windows search , windows search may be the source of your problem in Windows 10. By being stuck in a search loop, you can temporarily close the Windows call that fills the disk space and check if the problem has passed. If the problem has disappeared, it's because of a Windows search.

Method #5: Turn off Superfetch, i.e. fast-fetish:

  • Step #1: Open the Run window with the combination of Windows key + R.
  • Step #2: In the Run window, type "services.msc", and then click ok.
  • Step #3: Find the Quick Bring title in the pop-up window and right-click on this property to select Properties.
  • Step #4: Check Disable from the window in front of you.

Superfetch, i.e. fast-bringing, is a system that speeds up the opening time of a program on your computer as much as possible. The Superfetch system is ready for use in the system in advance, keeping in mind your favorite programs. In doing so, it also spends power on your computer's system resources. Disk usage can be the main source of your 100% problem, especially on your computers with low RAM.

Method #6: Set energy options to high performance.

  • Step #1: Go to the Start menu.
  • Step-#2: Enter the system section on the Settings tab.
  • Step #3: Click Power and sleep.
  • Step #4: Select high performance from the Additional power settings tab.

Most Windows 10 users have solved the disk usage 100% issue only by bringing power settings to high performance. You can also set your computers to high performance by following the steps below.

Method #7: Temporarily turn off your antivirus software

Sometimes antivirus programs can be the source of the problem. You can also check if the problem is resolved by shutting down the antivirus program in the disk usage 100% error. If the problem is due to the antivirus program, we recommend using another program.

Disable the antivirus software you are using and see the status of the disk. Even Windows Defender can cause high disk usage. (If disk usage doesn't show 100%, the problem may be due to your antivirus program.)

Method #8: Reset virtual memory

  • Step #1: Open the system properties and click the Advanced System Settings tab.
  • Step #2: Press the settings button on the advanced tab in the pop-up window.
  • Step #3: Click the change button in the Performance Options window you are entering.
  • Step #4: Make sure the box in the Pop-up Virtual Memory window is marked with the title "Automatically manage paging file size on all drives".
  • Step #5: If you select "No paging files" in the same Virtual Memory window, you can also improve your disk performance.

Virtual memory acts as RAM on your system. Pagefile errors, especially in cases where RAM is low.sys disk usage on your computer may be the cause of a 100% error.

Method #9: Run disk checking.

  • Step #1: Right-click the disk you want to check in My Computer, and then select the properties.
  • Step #2: Enter the tools section from the pop-up window and click the check button.

There may be a hardware problem with the disk, and the only way to check it is to run disk checking. If you cannot solve your 100% problem with other items in our article, it may be because one of the disks is hardware problematic.

Even after trying all these methods, if the problem is not resolved, we recommend contacting the technical service. We hope that the 100% disk usage error of Windows 10 will not be a problem for you in light of the information we provide. If there are different solution techniques you encounter, you can contribute by sharing them with us in the comments section.

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