How to Show In-Game FPS on Android Phones?

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 With the inclusion of the game world in our pockets, the game performance is observed even on Android devices. As such, seeing FPS in games has become an option. Although some Android devices offer this setting, some programs need support to turn on the FPS counter on other devices.

While playing games on your Android smartphone, you cannot experience a smooth gaming experience due to both warming and software reasons. The main reason for instant freezes and performance losses is the FPS drop while playing. FPS means the number of frames per second you see on your screen, and when it is below a certain rate, the enjoyment you will get from the game you are playing will be significantly reduced.

You need to be able to check your FPS to understand what causes performance loss while playing games or to test a game. Although some Android smartphones can open the FPS counter under the name of Developer Menu, this option is not available on every device. In this article, we will talk about how you can do FPS display on your Android smart devices . In order to perform these FPS display operations, your devices must be Rooted.

How to show in-game FPS on Android phones ?:

  • Step # 1: Install the Magisk Manager app on your device ,
  • Step # 2: Search for "KFMark Enabler" in Magisk Manager and install after downloading KFMark Enabler,
  • Step # 3: Use the "Reboot" button at the bottom right of Magisk Manager,
  • Step # 4: Download and install KFMark App,
  • Step # 5: Open KFMark App and allow media access,
  • Step # 6: Press the blue button on the home screen and select the games you want to turn on the FPS display setting,
  • Step # 7: Press the "Play" button under the game you want to open and test it.

Step # 1: Install the Magisk Manager app on your device:

To start showing FPS, you need to install the Magisk Manager application on your rooted

Step # 2: Search for "KFMark Enabler" in Magisk Manager and download and install KFMark Enabler

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