PUBG Mobile Fireworks Code

 With pubg mobile fireworks code, you can have 2 items in the game for free. You can own fireworks in exchange for the code. We will continue to share with you such useful codes that you can use every month. Get the item to boost your popularity in the game for free with the PUBG Mobile Fireworks Code.

PUBG Mobile Fireworks Code

Here's how you can use the password we gave you for the PUBG Mobile Fireworks Code and get the prize for free. You can write your questions as comments. In 2020, you will only need to enter the code so that you can receive this award, which is offered to players by the system. The PUBG Mobile Fireworks Code is then identified to your account and the reward is sent to you as a message.

How to Use PUBG Mobile Fireworks Code

How to Use PUBG Mobile Fireworks Code? We explained the question in the following articles. You have to do it all in a complete and accurate way. This allows you to use the PUBG Mobile Fireworks Code and win prizes.

Press the "Use Code" button above, enter your character's ID number and fireworks code "BCCVZBZT8A" on the page that opens. The reward will then be sent to your account as a message. You can collect your Fireworks rewards in your inbox.

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