Valorant Doesn't Get Full Screen Solution 2020

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Valorant Doesn't Get Full Screen Solution 2020

During the day, "Valorant is not full screen" complaints are often heard. Valorant in the first-person shooter category, which is considered a game with a flower nose, has a number of shortcomings. 

The biggest known shortcoming is that when opening the game, the game client remains half-screen and you play the game in half a screen.

In a way, Valorant isn't full-screen, so we can say that's why his complaints are growing. Because it has been suggested by many game programmer that the game played on half screen is below diocre in terms of impressiveness.

Today we will talk about the action you need to take to resolve the Valorant full-screen error;

Valorant Doesn't Get Full Screen Solution

There are several solutions to implement for full-screen failures in the game. These operations may vary depending on the video card you are using.

For example, if you are using an AMD video card, the action you take is different; If you're using an Nvidia graphics card, it's another action you still need to take. 

However, the process that users with both video cards can partner with is as if;

  • Gleip to the desktop and click right. 
  • Then click Properties. From there, as soon as you click Device Manager and the latest Monitors, you'll see the General PnP Monitor button. After clicking the Disable Device button, you will be halfway there.
  • Then log in to the game and enter it on the Settings tab. From Settings, enter Display and make Alt+Enter. Most recently, click Move to Full Screen. The procedure is complete.

Valorant Doesn't Get Full Screen – Nvidia GeForce Solution

If you did the above but did not get any solutions, you can follow these steps.

  • Enter Nvidia Control Panel.
  • Click "Adjust desktop size and location."
  • From here, just select the full screen and say apply.

Valorant Doesn't Get Full Screen – AMD Graphics Solution

If you didn't get any results after the first operation, you can apply the solution we created for the AMD graphics card;

  • Right-click on the desktop. Click Screen Resolution.
  • In the Resolution section, set it to 1280/760.
  • After that, you can come back to the desktop, right-click and select AMD Video Card settings.
  • From there, click Desktop and Screens, then select My Built-in Screens, then select Properties Built-in Screen, and then select and save the latest Full Screen.
  • After this process, we also right-click on the desktop and adjust the screen resolution to its old settings (1280/768). After confirming it, you can enter Valorant. 

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