Valorant Resolution Does Not Change Solution 2020 - How To Fix Valorant Resolution

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Valorant Resolution Does Not Change Solution 2020

Valorant's resolution does not change the problem, the resolution option is only available as a special option and the screen is not changed when clicked on the players will be in front of. The game becomes unplayable unless the problem is resolved. In this article, we will share the solution to the problem for you.

Valorant Resolution Does Not Change Solution

You can try the following solution methods to change the resolution again. The methods for valorant resolution exchange are as follows:

  • After pressing the "Windows+R" key combination, type "msconfig" on the "Run" menu, and then click "enter". Then click "Services" and select "Hide all Microsoft services." Select all of the services in the list to open and click on the "Disable all" button. Finally, click the "Apply" button and restart your computer. 
  • If the above method didn't work, you can change the DNS address. To do this, first open the control panel. Then select "Network and Internet" and click "Network and Sharing Center". Find the link you're using by clicking "Change adapter settings" on the pop-up screen. Double-click on the link and point to "Properties." Start using and as DNS.
  • The antivirus program or firewall can also cause problems. If you delete the antivirus program and turn off the firewall, the problem will be resolved. To close the firewall, first open "Control Panel". Click "System and Security", and then click "Windows Firewall". On the pop-up screen, click "Enable or disable Windows Firewall," and then say "disable."

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