We're Having Trouble Accessing Some LoL Servers Solution 2020

We're Having Trouble Accessing Some LoL Servers Solution 2020

We find it difficult to access some LoL servers, which is the common problem that many LoL players hear. Riot Games has accepted that it has received many complaints about this and that there is a problem. On many online game forums, it is possible to see titles such as 'we have difficulty accessing some LoL servers' or 'LoL servers access error'.  

Server access failure in an online and multiplayer game with millions of active users, such as LoL, is a major problem for gameers. 

We're Having Trouble Accessing Some LoL Servers Error

In situations where there are no problems; the player must be able to connect to the game within a few minutes at most. The operation of the game should progress without breaking or plugming.

Under normal circumstances, online games should not cause connection problems. Players experiencing server access problems may have internet-borne problems. These:

  • Ping (Delay)
  • Jitter

there are two of them. These problems are related to the player's internet connection. You may need to contact your own internet provider to solve these problems due to distance from the internet source or poor internet quality.

However, the warnings received as 'We have difficulty accessing some LoL servers' are related to the game itself. This problem can also occur on the internet of the highest quality. 

The player's access to the server; the operation of the game is important for the quality of the game and the online connection. However, several solutions have been proposed to the server access issue.

We're Having Trouble Accessing Some LoL Servers Solution

We're having a hard time accessing some LoL servers. These points include:

  • Firewall: Usually the problem is caused by the firewall. Necessary checks must be carried out and it must be authorized that the firewall allows all LoL-related access.
  • Program Block: The task manager should be checked if there is no firewall-induced problem. Some programs on the computer may block the game. In this case, programs that block must be disabled before the game is opened.
  • LoL Patch Barrier: If the program does not have a barrier and the firewall is running free of hassly, the player should try installing the new patch. To implement this method, you can delete the patch file in the Riot Games folder and install a new one.

To increase internet speed; you can try connecting directly to your modem via an ethernet cable or using Wi-Fi signal booster devices. If you still get the same error, you can try contacting riot games support by clicking here

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