Where to Emote at Stone Statues in Fortnite

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 It is safe to say that you are pondering where to act out at Stone Statues in Fortnite? We got you covered during the current week's Chapter 2 Season 5 difficulties. You'll be searching for some stone llama sculptures in a specific area. Tragically, the actual journey doesn't give you numerous clues, so we're here to help. Peruse on beneath to discover where to locate the stone sculptures and how to arrive rapidly.

Where to Emote at Stone Statues in Fortnite

Where to Emote at Stone Statues in Fortnite 

The Stone Statues are only north of the Colossal Coliseum area close to the focal point of the Fortnite map. Coast into the region, and you should see a passage to the Coliseum on the north side. Face the Coliseum, and head toward the passageway.

Where to Emote at Stone Statues in Fortnite

You'll see two stone Llama Statues and a little flight of stairs driving into the Coliseum. St and between the two sculptures, and play out any act out you need to finish the test. Allude to the guide above and the sculptures' screen capture, so you realize what to search for and can rapidly finish this one. 

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