How to Get Among Us Hats for Free?

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How to Get Among Us Hats for Free?

How to Buy Among Us Hats? For those who do not know, we are explaining the method of getting free in 2021. You can have New Year's or special hats. Among Us, one of the most popular survival games in the world, continues to evolve. Like every free and equal game today, there is no item that affects power in this game.

However, as the players create a competitive environment among themselves, they also have a war of charm by equipping their characters with beautiful items. This scope includes How to Get Among Us Hats? Questions like this are starting to be asked too much. We tell you how to get free hats for you.

How to Buy Among Us Christmas Hat?

Among Us Christmas Hat is one of the most popular hats in the game. When you enter a match, if your character has a Christmas hat on his head, all the attention will be on you. Although we have left the beginning of the year behind, there is still a method you can do to get this hat. By applying what we have explained below, you can become the owner of the Christmas hat.

You can also use this method to get hats that you missed in other activities. You will already understand how to do it after reading below and you will be able to apply it for other activities.

What You Need To Do To Get An Among Us Christmas Hat

We have explained to you the information about how we can provide this opportunity to buy Amon Us Hat. Now we will explain how to buy the Christmas and New Year hats that players want so much. If there is a place you do not understand, you can let us know by comment.

What You Need To Do To Get An Among Us Christmas Hat

It doesn't matter if you're playing Among Us on your computer or mobile phone, date your device to 31 October 2019 and then enter the game. If the hat does not enter as a gift, exit and re-enter the game. You can repeat this process until you get the gift.

Computer Time and Date Change

Go to Start> Settings> Time and language> Date and time.

Phone Time and Date Change

  • Open your phone's Clock app.
  • Tap More Settings.
  • Under "Time", choose your local time zone or change the date and time.

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