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PUBG Mobile Popularity Hide (2021)

 Pubg Mobile Popularity We tell you how to do your hide operations in 2021. This way, they won't be able to see your popularity information, which is other players', in your profile and account information. In previous years, pubg mobile popularity hide feature was found in the game, but players were constantly looking for a guide because it was not easy to turn it on and off. We will continue to provide you with up-to-date information on this subject throughout 2021. Especially with update 1.3.0, there have been changes in the steps to hide popularity in PUBG Mobile: Crazy Rhythms. In the updated game, we've listed information about how to hide that information in the following articles.

PUBG Mobile Popularity Hide (2021)

What is PUBG Mobile Popularity Hide?, What Does It Do?

Title of Articles:

  • What is PUBG Mobile Popularity Hide?, What Does It Do?
  • PUBG Mobile Popularity Hide

PUBG Mobile Popularity is determined by points from gifts gifted to you by other players. When another player sends you special popularity items or general gifts, such as roses in-game, your in-game popularity score will increase. This value is very important when it is entered into account in comparison with other players within the game.

What is PUBG Mobile Popularity Hide?, What Does It Do?
What is PUBG Mobile Popularity Hide?, What Does It Do?

A player who enters your profile can see your total popularity values here. If this makes you uncomfortable or you don't want it to appear for any reason, it's possible to hide it. How to do PUBG Mobile Popularity Hide by following the steps we describe below? you can find out. You can also write as a comment on what you are curious about and want to ask about the subject.

PUBG Mobile Popularity Hide:

  • Log in to PUBG Mobile.
  • Click on your profile picture and say edit.
  • Replace the links.
  • Turn on details and Allow others to see links.

After the steps above, a PUBG Mobile player who enters your profile will not be able to see your popularity values. You can turn it back on by following the same steps.

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