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Roblox Music Codes #Top 100 (2021)

 With Roblox Music Codes, you will see the list of the most popular Turkish and foreign songs for 2021. When you want to play songs in the game, you can be the one who opens the most hit songs that everyone will love thanks to these codes. With Roblox, one of the most popular games of today, you continue to color your universe that you have created. Thanks to the feature in the game, you can play every song using a music code and everyone in the game can listen to this song you play. We share the most up-to-date and hit 100 songs here due to outdated music in Turkish sources.

Roblox Music Codes #Top 100 (2021)

Roblox Music Codes: Stranger (2021)

You can use the codes to listen to the foreign songs we share as Roblox Music Codes in the game. All these foreign songs consist of special songs that are not very popular but that you can love when you listen to them. When you open this song, listeners will ask you the name of the song. If you want to attract everyone's attention, your song choices should be special. With the song codes we provide here, the music you open in Roblox will reach uniqueness.

MusicMusic Code
(Hi youtube!) (RIP audios) egg5128532009
Caillou Trap Remix212675193

SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS (100,000+ sales)160442087
Banana Song (I’m A Banana)169360242
shrek anthem152828706
GFMO – Hello (100k!!)214902446
raining tacos142376088
(Hi youtube!) (RIP audios)Wide Putin Walking Audio5356051569
Raining Tacos. (Original)142295308
Old Town Road2862170886
CRAB RAVE OOF2590490779
KFC is illuminati confirmed ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡° )205254380
Nightcore – Titanium398159550
Help Me Help You Logan Paul833322858
I Like Trains131072261
I’m Fine.513919776
Flamingo Intro6123746751
Old Town Road OOFED3180460921
How To Save A Life (Bass Boosted)727844285
Wii Music1305251774
Dubstep Remix [26k+]130762736
Ant, SeeDeng, Poke – PRESTONPLAYZ ROBLOX1096142805
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll (JVH-C remix)290176752
♪ Nightcore – Light ‘Em Up x Girl On Fire (S/V)587156015
Do the Harlem Shake!131154740
Zero two but full song5060369688
Party Music141820924
Invinsible [NCS]6104227669
♫♫Ƴℴu’ѵҿ ßƏƏƝ ƮƦ☉ᏝᏝƎƊ♫♫142633540
Revenge (Minecraft Music)3807239428
OOF LASAGNA2866646141
Albert Sings Despacito1398660411
Do A Barrel Roll!130791919
Ladies And Gentlemen We Got Him2624663028
Creepy Music Box143382469
The Roblox Song1784385682
ZEROTWOOOOO with panda4459223174
sad violin135308045
oofing in the 90’s915288747
Elevator Music130768299
FEED ME!130766856
TanqR Outro5812114304
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