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What Map Is PUBG Mosin Nagant On?

 What Map Is PUBG Mosin Nagant On? For players who do not know that there is a sniper rifle, we have explained the maps where you can find the sniper rifle. At the same time, you will be able to find out which regions of the maps are here. After the new missions added to the game in 2021, PUBG Mobile players Mosin Nagant is on which map? They began to ask questions very often. At the same time, there are many publishers who have managed to shoot a lot of people using this sniper rifle. Those who watch such videos start to look for the gun again in order to shoot the men in that way.

What Map Is PUBG Mosin Nagant On?

What Map Is PUBG Mobile Mosin Nagant On?

Article Titles:

  • What Map Is PUBG Mobile Mosin Nagant On?
  • PUBG Mosin Nagant Quest
  • Where Does PUBG Mobile Mosin Nagant Appear On The Map?

PUBG Mosin Nagant Features

The answers we give below are also valid in PUBG Mobile and PC version. When players playing the game on both platforms want to find Mosin Nagant, they can benefit from the maps in the answer we provided. At the same time, we will continue to answer the questions you asked and wondered in 2021. What Map Is PUBG Mobile Mosin Nagant On? After our answers to your question, we will also share details about the weapon. After the latest updates, PUBG Mobile players are asked to use the Mosin Nagant sniper rifle in the missions added to the game. However, the fact that this weapon is not on every map makes it difficult for players to find where. That's why the increasing PUBG Mobile Mosin Nagant is on Which Map? We felt the need to prepare this content to answer your questions.

Just like other sniper rifles in the game, this is a very effective weapon at long range. Its appearance is similar to the Kar98 sniper rifle. However, its usage area and features are different. With this sniper rifle, which you can find very rarely in the game, you will gain a lot of experience in killing your enemies. Each weapon in the game has a class and each class has certain usage conditions. However, the class and usage conditions of the Mosin Nagant weapon may amaze you. You will even learn the real-life story of the gun here. If you have different questions you want to ask, you can write them as a comment.

What Map Is PUBG Mosin Nagant On
Map Is PUBG Mosin Nagant On?

You can find the Mosin Nagant weapon when you enter the match on the Vikendi and Erangel maps in PUBG and PUBG Mobile games.

PUBG Mosin Nagant Quest

On which map will you be able to do the PUBG Mosin Nagant Quest? The answer to the question is given above. Generally, after the updates, there may be missions to use the Mosin Nagant weapon in daily or weekly missions or to kill the enemy while using it. In addition, PUBG Mobile players have been faced with tasks related to this weapon in recent days. You can learn where Mosin Nagant is on the map, as well as where he is on the map.

Where Does PUBG Mobile Mosin Nagant Appear On The Map?

What Map Is PUBG Mobile Mosin Nagant On? Now that you have learned, you will also learn where on the map it appears. The information we provide here is not only valid for PUBG Mobile but also for the PC version. As it is known, each match equipment comes out in different places. The Mosin Nagant weapon is mostly found inside and on the roofs of buildings in deserted areas. So you can find this weapon outside, but if you want to find it for sure, searching on high buildings and their roofs in deserted places will allow you to find the weapon faster.

PUBG Mosin Nagant Features

When you fire the PUBG Mosin Nagant Weapon, you can find out how much damage your bullets hit the enemy. The list below contains current data for 2021.

  • Head: 110.4 damage
  • Neck: 82.8 damage
  • Shoulder: 47 damage
  • Chest: 51.7 damage
  • Arm: 25.3 damage
  • Abdomen: 47 damage
  • Bladder: 47 damage
  • Calf: 25.3 damage
  • Leg: 21.1 damage
  • Foot: 12.6 damage

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