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Will Brawl Stars Become Mercenary? (2021)

Will Brawl Stars be mercenaries? The question is one of the most confusing questions for players in 2021. Do some allegations made by foreign sources say that the Brawl Stars game may now be paid? come and learn. Many claims are made about Brawl Stars, one of the most popular mobile action games developed by Supercell today. According to the latest rumors, it is said that the game will now be paid and players who do not make monthly payments will not be able to enter the game again. Those who hear all these or read from somewhere start to investigate the situation with great curiosity. Will Brawl Stars really be a mercenary? , take a look at our research results

Will Brawl Stars Become Mercenary?
Will Brawl Stars Become Mercenary?

Will Brawl Stars Become Mercenary?

Players who hear the news about the claims that the Brawl Stars game will be paid are investigating whether this is true. There is no official statement saying that the mobile action game, which has millions of players around the world, will be sold for money. It is an example of fake news published by foreign news sites to get visitors about games with such big players. Will Brawl Stars be mercenaries? We sent an e-mail to the game's support team to make sure that there is some truth to the question. In the answer we received, we were told that the Brawl Stars game will continue to be downloaded for free through the application stores and only in-game items will be sold for a fee.

Such games already generate revenue by selling in-game items, taking into account the number of online players. At the same time, they can earn income through their sponsorship agreements. The fact that the Brawl Stars game, which currently has millions of players, goes on sale for money causes serious loss of players. At the same time, in-game items must be sold for free or at very low prices. In this case, with the decrease in the number of players, both its popularity decreases and its income from sponsorship deals. Last year, the market value of Brawl Stars exceeded $ 500 million. Will Brawl Stars Become Mercenary? When asking the question, taking all these into account, we can deduce that this news is false and will not be sold for a price.

Will Brawl Stars Become Mercenary?
Will Brawl Stars Become Mercenary?

How Much Money Will Brawl Stars Have?

Will the Brawl Stars game be paid? We have already answered your questions above. However, they probably changed their minds and took a risk, and announced that they would now offer the game as paid. How much will Brawl stars cost in such a case? the question comes to mind. We tried to analyze the results by creating such a theory for you. The game, which reached a market value of 500 million dollars last year, has 15 million active players around the world. There are also 70 million players who have the game on their devices. Based on the fact that 30 million players will play on average and the market value of the game, it is 17 dollars, which is 150 TL at the current exchange rate. Although it is an extremely high price for a mobile game, we can see these prices as normal so that the game does not suffer. Of course, such an amount is too much around the world,

What is Brawl Stars?

Brawl Stars is a fast-paced freemium multiplayer real-time strategy game first released in beta on June 15, 2017, by Supercell. The global release date is December 12, 2018.  The game was released in China on June 9, 2020. The Chinese version of the game is a standalone application and has dedicated Chinese servers.

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