2021's Top 5 Valorant Teams

This year has been a banner year for Valorant esports. Riot has worked hard to improve the competitive aspect of the game since its debut in June 2020. In the last year and a half, the first-person shooter game has drawn a large number of gamers. Many former Counter-Strike: Global Offensive players have left Valve's tactical shooter to pursue fresh chances in Valorant.

2021's Top 5 Valorant Teams

In 2021, Riot hosted a number of regional tournaments as well as three worldwide LAN events, the most recent of which being Valorant Champions 2021. While many teams throughout the world have had a fantastic year in terms of titles and achievements, selecting the top five is always challenging.

However, as the year draws to a close, the following teams have had exceptional years in 2021 and deserve to be recognized.

Teams with the most valorant duelists in 2021

5- Liquid Team

Throughout the year, Team Liquid has performed admirably. They won the VCT 2021: EMEA Stage 2 Challengers Finals and advanced to the Reykjavik Masters, the game's first international LAN event. However, they struggled in Stage 3 until winning the EMEA Last Chance Qualifier and earning a berth in Valorant Champions 2021.


 The just ended Valorant Champions 2021 saw Team Liquid perform exceptionally well. It will be fascinating to watch how they fare in the VCT 2022.

4- Sentinels

This year, the Sentinels have been one of the most dominant teams. For a good portion of the year, the North American team was untouchable. They won the Reykjavik Masters in May of last year without dropping a single map.

 In the Valorant Champions Tour Masters Berlin and the just ended Valorant Champions 2021, the squad suffered a little. However, their latest setback cannot overshadow their accomplishments this year.

3) KRU Esports 

KRU Esports has won all three international LAN competitions this year, making them the best South American team. They, along with Sentinels and Crazy Raccoon, are the only teams to have competed in all three LAN competitions this year. The Valorant Champions 2021 semi-finals were reached by KRU Esports.

After a poor start in the first half of 2021, KRU Esports has risen into a dominant force in the second half. The Argentine squad pulled off some incredible upsets in the just concluded Valorant Champions 2021 tournament.

2) The Esports Bet

Gambit Esports has been one of the most consistent teams in the world this year. In the just-concluded Valorant Champions 2021 event, the Russian team came in second place. 

 VCT 2021: CIS Stage 1 Masters was Gambit Esports' first triumph of the year. They did not, however, qualify for the Valorous Champions Tour Masters Reykjavik. However, in Stage 3, they came back stronger and went on to win the Berlin Masters. They are also the 2021 Valorous Champions finalists. Gambit was undoubtedly one of the strongest teams in the world this year, despite losing in the final.

1) Acend 

Acend won the Valorant Champions 2021 tournament, becoming the game's first-ever world champion. Throughout the year, the European team performed admirably.

 Acend began the year by taking first place in the VCT 2021: Europe Stage 1 Masters. However, they had some difficulties in the middle of the year and were unable to qualify for the Valorous Champions Tour Masters in Reykjavik. Acend, on the other hand, came back stronger in Stage 3 and won a spot in the Valorant Champions 2021 by representing their area in the Berlin Masters.

The squad finished the year on a high note by winning the Valorant esports title and becoming world champions earlier this month. Acend was without a doubt the finest team in 2021. ear.

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