4 New Games Added to GeForce Now Service

 New games continue to be added to the GeForce Now library, Nvidia's beloved cloud-based gaming streaming service, one of the leading companies in technology. Four new games have been added to the service, according to Nvidia.

4 New Games Added to GeForce Now Service

Nvidia's cloud-based game streaming service GeForce Now for users using low-hardware devices can play all the games in the library with a fast internet connection through all users' devices. Here, users must have previously purchased the game from the relevant platforms to play the games, which must be in the GeForce Now library.

New Games Added to GeForce Now Library

  • The Crackpot Show (Steam)
  • One Hand Clapping (Steam and Epic Games Store)
  • FOREWARNED (Steam)
  • Inscription (Steam and Epic Games Store)

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