Apple Watch users have charging problem after watchOS 8.3 update

 Apple's update to watchOS 8.3, released on December 13th, focuses on improving overall performance and bug fixes but also brought with it a charging issue. Here are the details...

Apple Watch users have charging problems after watchOS 8.3 update

  • Charging problems 
Apple Watches are having charging problems See Full Size
Apple Watch Series 7 users started having charging problems after updating their devices to the latest watchOS 8.3 version. Complaints raised in the MacRumors forum, Reddit, and Apple communities indicate that the problem is with third-party chargers.

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Users say the smartwatch charges only 2%, and then the charging stops. Initially, he suspected this was a problem specific to Apple Watch Series 7, but there were several similar complaints from Apple Watch Series 6 users.

Charging problems don't end

If you remember, watchOS 8.1.1 also had a problem with charging. Of course, Apple fixed it. It seems apple watch series 7 owners will have to wait for the next firmware update to continue using their watch normally.


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