How can players receive their Valorant YR 2021 in-game stats from Riot?

 When Riot handed out compilations of in-game metrics customized to each player's profile in July of 2021, Valorous gamers were pleasantly delighted. In honor of the tactical shooter's first anniversary, Riot held a series of events and released a new cinematic.

Players began receiving detailed data in the mail along with their anniversary presents. The stats contained information about the player's in-game performance, such as matches won, K/D/A ratio, overall damage done, and more.

How can players receive their Valorant YR 2021 in-game stats from Riot?

Valorant recently tweeted that the gamer will receive a similar progress report. This page explains how players may permit these statistics to be sent to their accounts.


 What is the best way for Valorous gamers to acquire their year-end statistics?

Valorant referenced the YR1 data from earlier in the message and recommended gamers to keep a watch on their inboxes. Players may anticipate comparable comprehensive details, such as their favorite playstyle, most used agent, and weapon of choice.

People were perplexed earlier this year as to why some players received their performance summary while others did not. Players must first connect to their Riot account and validate their email address to get this.

After then, gamers will discover the 'Communication Preferences' tab if they scroll down. Players must simply choose this option to obtain retrospective statistics. After that, all gamers have to do is wait for Riot to ship them their customized stats.

Valorant, Riot's tactical shooter game, has had a fantastic year in 2021. RiotX Arcane was one of the major events hosted throughout the year for gamers to enjoy. Riot also hosted the first-ever Valorant Champions, which marked the end of the Valorant Champions Tour, which lasted a year.

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