How to Find the Raton Canyon Client in GTA Online: The Contract

 We'll teach you how to locate the wrecked client in Raton Canyon, as well as how to carry weaponry, which you'll need.

How to Find the Raton Canyon Client in GTA Online: The Contract

With the Contract DLC update, Security Contracts were added to GTA Online. When you establish an agency, you may take on these little contracts, which usually pay handsomely. You may be required to recover stolen automobiles or safeguard customers as part of some contracts. One contract will have you rescuing a bankrupt millionaire who is stranded in the wilderness. We'll show you where to look for the Raton Canyon client.

How to Locate a Client in Raton Canyon

Before going out to find this customer, we recommend that you stop by your Agency's armory or Ammu-Nation. Arm yourself with weapons and bombs capable of destroying massive vehicles. Make sure you're prepared since you'll be up against some adversaries with powerful weapons.

When you're ready, go in your car and follow the map to Raton Canyon, where the client's last known position is. The marker will vanish after you've arrived. Although the Canyon is fairly large, here's how to locate the client:

  • Continue down into the canyon on the main (thickest) road.
  • When the main road curves to the right, stay to the right and continue it.
  • If you are separated from your group, follow the sound of gunshots. As you move closer to the Client, they will become louder.

When you notice this, come to a halt:

GTA Raton Canyon @gta

This is a sign that you've located the customer. They will be trapped down by multiple adversaries, whom you must eliminate before rescuing the customer. To get them out, use the huge trees as cover. Run down to the client when you've dealt with the baddies (who is marked with a blue person on the map). Return them to your car as fast as possible, but expect resistance.

All that remains is for you to return the customer to the safe home. There will be a few opponents in massive cars attempting to stop you. Sticky bombs and grenades are effective for luring them away from you, as long as they don't detonate too close to you. You can outrun them if you're in a fast automobile. The assignment is accomplished after you return the client to their safe place.

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