How To Unlock New Skins In Valorant

Do you want to personalize your favorite weapons? 

Valorant is one of the most popular competitive shooters, and since its release in 2020, it has grown in popularity as an esports title. The tactical shooter, developed by Riot Games, has sprung onto the scene and shows no signs of slowing down. With such a large and loyal user base, many gamers desire to customize their favorite weapons with skins, but how can they do so?

This tutorial will show you how to obtain new skins and customize your weapons in Valorant.

How To Unlock New Skins In Valorant

How to Get Valorant Skins

In Valorant, there are a few different methods to obtain new weapon skins. They are as follows:

Store inside the game

Valorant Points may be used to purchase new skins from the in-game store. Only real-world dollars may be used to purchase VP, which can be done in-game using a card or PayPal.

Valorant's in-game store is divided into two sections: a highlighted collection and a rotating set of weapon skin offerings. The featured collection will normally be a weapon bundle that will change every 5-12 days, while the deals will change every 24 hours.

Purchasing a featured collection bundle of weapon skins is technically less expensive than purchasing each weapon skin separately. So, before you go for your wallet, bear this in mind. However, if you change your mind, Valorant will reimburse users for any unused material purchased over the previous seven days. You may submit a refund request here.

Battle Pass

 is a subscription service that allows you to Players may gain new weapon skins and other goodies by purchasing the Battle Pass available during each Act of Valorant. Buddies, cards, titles, and sprays, as well as new skins, are among the rewards. The Battle Pass is divided into 50 Tiers, each with its own set of awards, as well as bonus benefits for completing all five tiers.

Battle Pass

Contracts with Agents

You may acquire new weapon skins that are exclusive to that character by fulfilling Agent contracts in Valorant. Skins for pistols and melee weapons are the most common. This is the most time-consuming of them all, as weapon skins are usually found in the contract's last tier, which requires 975,000 XP to obtain.

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