Patch Notes for Mordhau Update 24

 His Mordhau upgrade introduced new audio, texture, and other features to the game.

Mordhau's hotfix for update 24 has arrived, and here's a list of all the modifications and fixes that come with it. Update 24 included a slew of bug fixes, and this hotfix adds even more enhancements and good adjustments. Even if the patch is little, every problem solved is significant. Here's a rundown of what's new in the Mordhau Update 24 Hotfix.

Patch Notes for Mordhau Update 24

General Mordhau Update 24 Hotfix Patch Notes

  • On Noria, various climb exploits and sticky areas were fixed.
  • Horde spawning on HRD Noria has been fixed.
  • Cortile's audio has been tweaked.
  • The music on Castello was being duplicated, therefore it was fixed.
  • Players in Horde no longer get trapped in the ground after being resurrected.
  • Horde HUD button prompts that didn't match the bound button have been fixed.
  • The boss icon is no longer used by "Elite knight" adversaries in Horde.
  • Invasion Noria has a potential patch for the palace gate not being demolished.
  • The spawn screen icon overlap fix was temporarily deactivated since it was causing problems.
  • Over hosen, I removed the incorrect designs from the leather pads.
  • Added missing archer arms to the scale tunic; removed lion arms and peasant shirt from t2 armored hosen variants; added chain boots to t2 armored hosen variations
  • HRD Castello and HRD Crossroads now have certain AI stuck locations fixed.
  • Horde's purchasable bandages now utilize the intended settings.
  • Horde items now appear in your hand immediately after being refilled from 0 ammunition.
  • Horde's ammunition auto-restocking had a fault that was fixed. It will now begin refilling whenever ammunition is changed, rather than at predetermined intervals.
  • Changes to auto-join: wherever feasible, parties of at least three players will be grouped. When feasible, parties of >=4 players (4-6) will be distributed evenly across teams.
  • Noria's water wheels should no longer obstruct bullets.
  • Scimitar has been added to HRD Camp.

Horde mode, the HUD, and the models all had issues, but they were rectified. After applying this patch, the overall experience should be significantly improved. The Noria has been fixed by the devs. The water wheels are no longer able to bock missiles. They were also able to repair a few climbs and exploit places. The game's icons, graphics, sounds, and even the auto-join mechanism have all been updated, so seasoned players will notice a difference the next time they play.

Mordhau is now available on PC.

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