Top 5 Valorant Skin Bundles of 2021

 Riot has had a great year in Valorant releasing cosmetic packs. In recent years, the game has become one of the most popular multiplayer first-person shooter games. Patches, as well as additional agents and mythology, have been released regularly by the creators.

Top 5 Valorant Skin Bundles of 2021
Top 5 Valorant Skin Bundles of 2021

One of the most appealing aspects of Valorant is its gun skins, which are frequently regarded as the greatest among similar games. For players to try, Riot has regularly released zesty, vivid skins with seductive VFX and motion. They've also launched bundles in the last year through collaborations with other artists or events in their own realm.

This article examines Riot's most impressive skin packs for Valorant players in 2021.

Valorant's top 5 cosmetic skin packages for 2021

Valorant gamers were given special skin bundles last year, including the legendary Elderflame bundle and the vibrant BlastX bundle. Riot capitalized on its previous year's success in 2021. They created gorgeous cosmetic skins in collaboration with musicians like Zedd and gave sequels to successful packages.

In 2021, the finest cosmetic packages for Valorant gamers were published.

  • Glitchpop 2.0
  • Radiant Crisis 001
  • Magepunk
  • Ruination
  • Spectrum

5- Glitchpop 2.0

One of Valorant's most popular bundles, Glitchpop 2.0, made a comeback. The opponent's body is transformed into a hologram and a looming unicorn symbol by the bright exploding skin.

The skin is available for Classic, Axe, Operator, Phantom, and Vandal for 2175 Valorant points apiece, except the Axe, which is 4350 Valorant points. The total cost of the package is 8700 Valorant Points. Radiant points may be used to unlock four different versions.

4- 001 Radiant Crisis

Radiant Crisis 001 is one of Valorant's most recent premier weapon skin releases. With pop-ups and animation straight from the pages of a comic book, this package has a distinct aesthetic.

The Classic, Spectre, Phantom, and Baseball Bat weapons are included in this combo. The melee weapon costs 3550 Valorant Points, while each skin costs 1775 Valorant Points. The total cost of the package is 7100 Valorant Points.

3- Magepunk

A dystopic steampunk esthetic is expressed in the metallic get-up and electricity in the kill animation in Magepunk. The community adores this package, which also spawned a sequel, Magepunk 2.0.

Skins for Ghost, Spectre, Bucky, Marshal, and Electroblade were included in the bundle. Each gun skin costs 1775 Valorant Points, except the melee skin, which costs 3550 VP. The total cost of the package is 7100 VP.

2- Ruination

The legendary Ruination package was created in conjunction with Riot Games' Sentinels of Light event, which revolved around Viego's return to Runeterra and the Sentinels of Light's resistance. The skin is surrounded by a dreadful mist and comes in four colour variations.

This package includes the two-handed Broken Blade, Spectre, Guardian, Phantom, and Ghost. Each skin costs 2175 VP, while the melee costs 4350 VP.

1- Spectrum

This weapon skin was created in collaboration with the renowned DJ Zedd and Riot. The decorative package gives the weapons a distinct groove and beat, as well as one of Valorant's most vivid kill animations. While the finisher adds another layer of animation, the inspector inspects.

Zedd had something to say about the bundle:

A weaponized combination of colour and sound that improves your game experience, transforming you from a participant to a performer.

Classic, Bulldog, Guardian, Phantom, and Waveform are among the weapons included in the bundle. The melee skin will set you back 5350 VP, while the weapon skins will set you back 2675 VP apiece.

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